Indoor rental LED

CabinetSize 500*500mm CabinetWeight 7/KG
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Pixel configuration: SMD2020
Brightness: over 800cd/㎡
Refresh rate: over 3840Hz
Module size: 250×250mm

Customized Designs
You may find the screen in various designs, and you may also get a customize the design, LED screen resolution, pixel pitch and brightness for your unique requirements.
1. 7kg, 80mm thick;
2. Simple and fashionable appearance, rich inside;
3. Wireless connection of module, stable and reliable;
4. The signal interface is exposed to reduce the defect caused by the transfer 

Angle lock
Single box can form straight screen, outer arc and inner arc

Splicing radian
15 degrees maximum for inner arc and 15 degrees maximum for outer arc